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SS 2013 – The FH-Stralsund episode of Patrick Moore is over

Now the time has come: after 49 years minus 1 month of having paid into our social security system (I started working subject to social security insurance contribution on 1st April 1964 and have paid nonstop!) I’ll stop following a regular occupation on 28th February 2013 and only work when I want to.

I’ll officially retire.

I have been asked many times: but you’re not doing nothing, or what will you be doing all day …?

As I told the dean when he asked me whether I’d want to do some guest lecturing at FH Stralsund: I’ll not drop into a gap and financially I don’t have to work – only if there is something sensible I can do, I don’t want to lecture just to lecture.

Luckily I have several options where that is the case. But first of all I want to concentrate on my family and my hobbies. And if someone wants me for courses I have fun giving – it will be a pleasure. And there are some options: Poland, Switzerland, China, other countries in the Baltic Sea region. If I’d realize them all, I’d have more to do than I did at FH Stralsund. And having reached the age of 65 decelerating is an important aspect of life, just as taking care of my health, living for the family, and doing things I have always wanted to and never managed to do.

But of course there are several things I’ll miss: The students, several colleges, esp. Ms Wenzel , without we would have had big problems in managing the course Baltic Management Studies, the connections to our international partners from universities in Poland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Shanghai etc. or from our partners in Banking (esp. Nord/LB, HSH Nordbank, Goldman Sachs …) in Germany and around the world, who supported my finance excursions with interesting meetings.

Highlights of the WS 2012/13

Thanks to the Students of the BMS Course 2011/12 my last semester at FH Stralsund had a hattrick-highlight – connected with the 18th International Baltic Sea Forum http://balticseaforum.fh-stralsund.de/Baltic_Sea_Forum_-_Home.html on 11th October 2013.


  1. It started on Wednesday, 10th October 2013 with the double event “Studium Generale”, where Ulrike Brouzi, COO of Nord/LB, Hannover held a lecture on „Europa: Von der Freihandelszone zur politischen Union ? - Eine Bankensicht“ and the welcome get together for our international non-German-speaking guests.
  2. Then on Thursday the actual 18th International Baltic Sea Forum with greetings from or vice rector, the rector of our partner university in Shanghai and the former dean for our traditional partner university in Gdansk, key speakers from Hamburg, New York, Shanghai and Poznan, a “red sofa”-round with alumni in finance managed by Prof. Fanning, workshops on selected topics and their wrap up – and in the evening a big buffet for all involved.
  3. On Friday we had the first BMS-Alumni-Meeting – an event that started in the afternoon with a common sight seeing of the campus, a harbor boat trip, tea time (Kaffee-Pause) on the Gorch Fock and another big party in the evening.
On Saturday we offered our international guests a guided sightseeing tour of Stralsund.

The final report of the event is available under Downloads ->Information Material "2012 BSF conference proceedings olversion.pdf" or in a limited edition from Ms. Wenzel in a printed version.

Again I’d like to thank the students for the effort they put into this event.

Another event of my last semester was my last excursion – to New York. Students who had participated in previous excursions might remember, that it has always been a pleasure for me to stress the group – with meetings till late in the night, no lunch break, hasting from one appointment to the next – we even had collapses und students that had to stay in bed for a day because they couldn’t cope with the stress.

That was entirely different this time! Sandy forced us all to look at things differently – please read 2012 NYC Booklet klein.pdf in my Downloads.

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